The All-In-One Store
For Creators

Our sales and operations platform helps turn your followers into buyers by selling digital products and services they’ll love. Made by creators, for creators.


Monetize Your Expertise,
Knowledge and Digital Services

All the tools you need in one platform. Say goodbye to the digital “duct-tape” chaos of juggling multiple platforms. Briefee requires no coding expertise. Anyone will find it a breeze to jump right in!


Easy to Start,
Easier to Scale

Jump into the digital sphere without a hitch. Set up your Briefee store in less than 5 minutes! No code, no clutter. Just pure creative flow.


Everything You Do

Sell Digital Products
From e-books and templates to online masterclasses, offer your tribe exactly what they crave.

Offer Exclusive Services
Consulting, design, editing, or writing? Get paid for what you do best.

Charge for Chats
Why just chat when you can cash in on consultations?


One Tool
to Rule Them All

Kiss goodbye to app chaos.
Bring all your operations under one digital roof:

Service delivery management

Client and team communication

Task tracking

Seamless project reviews

… and so much more. Your creative empire deserves a solid foundation. Build it with Briefee.

Productize Your Services

Mobile-Ready "Link-in-Bio" Store📱

All your offerings, just a tap away for your audience.

Interactive Workflow Boards📋

Turn ideas into projects, and projects into paychecks.

All-in-One Communication Hub💬

Keep the conversation flowing and everyone aligned.

Sell Your Expertise
and Services Online Like a Pro.

Keep things simple, sell your digital assets, productize your services and say goodbye
to juggling multiple expensive pieces of software!




📱 Mobile “Link-in-Bio” Store



📦 Digital Product Builder


💻 Digital Service Builder



🗒️ Ticket Request & Pipeline Manager


📋 Task & Project Boards


🖥️ Project Interactive Viewer


💬 Client and Team Chat


🎨 Visual Guides Manager


🗃️ File Storage


❌ What You’d Normally Expend

$427 /mo

Briefee Starts At ✨

$29 /month

Don't Just Follow Trends. Set Them.
Join Thousands of Creators Embracing the Future with Briefee.

“Our relationship with design has completely changed since we started using Briefee.”

Bernie Thurston

Ultumus / CEO

Briefee is an important part of us having an effective content strategy”

Simon Mott

HANetf / Global Head of Marketing

“They have become an essential part of our monthly operations.”

David Gutiérrez

Guasacaca LTD / Owner

“My biggest win with Briefee is how much time and money I save! True lifesavers!”

Jenette Lee

Standard Drawers / Owner

The Best Creators Use Briefee 🚀

With Briefee, I manage multiple stores for all my brands.

It’s perfect for customizing my sales strategy based on my audience. A total game-changer!

Dar Holdsworth | Prolific Entrepreneurs

In the Future, Everyone Runs
Their Own Online Store

Gone are the days of bulky software and sky-high costs. Your personal online store awaits.
Channel your skills, showcase your knowledge, and sell your services effortlessly.