Monetization & Service Productization
for Creators, Solved.

Briefee streamlines the distribution and sale of digital products, services, and online meetings
for creators, educators, podcasters, publishers, and marketers.


ROI Built With Powerful Link-In-Bio Stores
And Streamlined Operations

Briefee requires no coding expertise.
Anyone will find it a breeze to jump right in!

Easy to Start,
Easier to Scale

Set up your Briefee store in a few minutes! No code, no clutter. Establish one or multiple mobile-ready ‘Link-in-Bio’ stores where offerings are just a tap away and primed for purchase.

Everything You Do

Sell Digital Products
From e-books and templates to online masterclasses, offer your tribe exactly what they crave.

Offer Exclusive Services
Consulting, design, editing, or writing? Get paid for what you do best.

Charge for Chats
Why just chat when you can cash in on consultations?

One Tool
to Rule Them All

Kiss goodbye to app chaos.
Bring all your operations under one digital roof:

Service delivery management

Client and team communication

Task tracking

Seamless project reviews

with Briefee’s All-in-One Communication Hub keep the conversation flowing and everyone aligned.


Propel Client Service Delivery

All the tools you need in one platform.
Say goodbye to the digital “duct-tape” chaos of juggling multiple platforms.

Optimize Your
Client Projects

Monitor ongoing tasks

Track content preparations

Gain real-time insights into client communications

All consolidated for efficient service delivery

Ensure Every
Service Commitment

Integrated content management

Streamlined feedback loops

A dedicated team focused on client satisfaction

Synchronize Financial

Handle client subscriptions and one-time payments

One centralized location