The easiest way to get sign-off on your work

A hassle-free way to get your content reviewed and approved by your peers and clients.

Create. Share. Discuss.

Briefee connects everyone involved in the creative process, allowing teams and creators deliver better projects and services in less time.


Keep everyone on the same page

Timely feedback on your projects is at the core of your success. Shorten your creative review time and receive visual feedback directly on designs, PDFs, and video content.

Create and receive clear briefs from anyone in your organization or team.

Present, and get feedback on your projects within an intuitive visual portal.

Get real-time updates and reminders on everyone’s feedback on your projects.

Create sharing links so others can view your projects instantly and securely.

Every piece of feedback automatically turns into a job on a time-stamped task ledger.


Streamline every stage of the creative process

Create projects and track your workload efficiently.

Know the status of every project from point of request to job progress with project pipelines.

Assign tasks and track progress with interactive workflow boards.

Manage who gets access to projects in one easy-to-use, easy-to-share workspace.

Briefee is my secret sauce!

Since I started using Briefee I’ve 10X my business and I reduced the amount of communication incidents by 90% or more. I no longer have clients sending me things all over the place and expecting me to be there all the time. My stuff and my clients’ stuff are now all consolidated in one central place that acts as a source of truth for all projects my team and I work on.

Dar Holdsworth | Prolific Entrepreneurs 


Deliver projects you're proud of

Receive structured project requests from your clients and team members within an intuitive workspace.

Create projects in seconds by uploading images, PDFs, or video content that can be shared with anyone.

Say goodbye to emails by creating easy-to-build request sequences.

Launch offers that help you monetize your business by managing and scaling your service.


As easy as 1, 2, 3

Get started in minutes.

Get started in seconds by uploading files and activating your first project.

Simply sign up and start sharing the most up-to-date version of your ongoing projects.


For Agencies, Brands, and Creatives

Briefee is for everyone who is involved in projects that require images, video content,
or shareable documents.

Consolidate all your creative operations in one place

Every business is a media business, but not every business has a team of creatives to make an impact from day one. Be that team.


99$ per month


990$ yearly

Join hundreds of users that have trusted Briefee in helping them manage their visual projects feedback loop

“Our relationship with design has completely changed since we started using Briefee.”

Bernie Thurston

Ultumus / CEO

Briefee is an important part of us having an effective content strategy”

Simon Mott

HANetf / Global Head of Marketing

“They have become an essential part of our monthly operations.”

David Gutiérrez

Guasacaca LTD / Owner

“My biggest win with Briefee is how much time and money I save! True lifesavers!”

Jenette Lee

Standard Drawers / Owner

Web-Based, Real-time Collaborative Software

Create, share and discuss your work with your peers and clients all in one environment.
Say goodbye to endless rows of emails. A few clicks and you are good to go. Simple.

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