Turn Your Content,
Knowledge, and
Skills into Profit

Generate income from diverse revenue streams by selling digital products and services.



Offer Digital Products Your Customers Will Love



Turn unique content, templates, and guides into profitable e-downloads for digital income.

Calendar Invites & Bookings

Monetize your calendar invites and bookings; receive recurring or one-time payments for one-on-one and one-to-many online calls.



Convert knowledge into profitable courses, creating valuable education resources and revenue.



Monetize a community space for like-minded individuals with memberships.


Gated Content

Create an area with special material available only to your members or subscribers.


Ticketed Events

Enable easy payment for classes, coaching, parties, and any in-person or virtual events.


Email List Builder

Expand your email list via link-in-bio by requesting emails, ensuring constant audience engagement.


URL Links

Connect followers to your assets with URL LINKS, showcasing expertise.

The All-In-One Platform For Experts, Coaches and Educators

When Did Selling Online
Get So Complex and Expensive?

With Briefee, you avoid the expense of multiple software subscriptions.



(Approx. Avg)

πŸ“±Β  Link-in-bio Store

$24 Monthly

Calendar Invites & Bookings

$16 Monthly

πŸ›’ Funnels & Order Bumps

$297 Monthly

πŸ—ƒοΈΒ  E-Downloads

$958 Monthly

πŸ“–Β  E-Courses

$119 Monthly

πŸ§‘πŸ»β€πŸ€β€πŸ§‘πŸ»Β  Communities

$99 Monthly

🌟  Gated content

$16 Monthly

🎫  Ticketed Events

$29 Monthly


$1,558 Monthly



No Code Needed

Build a complete customer journey experience within minutes
and have your products/services generating revenue in no time.

Generate Recurring Revenue

Configure your digital products to collect either subscriptions
or one-time payments from end users.

Funnels & Order Bumps

Increase Average Order Value (AOV) by providing last-minute
upsell opportunities that the customer can easily add to their order.

Get Paid in One Tap

With Briefee by your side every step of the customer journey, subscribing to your products and services is a breeze. It helps you turn those payments into a steady stream of cash flow.

We integrate with

for ease on payments.

Hey everyoneβ€”

I’m William, Founder at BRIEFEE.

Selling online used to be fun. It was exciting to share your expertise, to connect with an audience, and to profit from your passion. But somewhere along the way, something shifted. What was once a thrilling venture became a cumbersome, overbearing task. The simplicity of selling online got lost in a maze of complex and convoluted systems and softwares. The joy of sharing and earning was overshadowed by the weight of navigating these overly complicated platforms.

That’s where BRIEFEE steps in.

We’re here to reignite the fun in online selling, to untangle the complexities, and to boost your profits. Our mission is to slice through the spaghetti bowl of over-complicated online monetization platforms. BRIEFEE is like your favorite kitchen gadget in the cluttered drawer of online selling tools – simple, effective, and surprisingly enjoyable to use.

It’s no secret that many platforms out there, under the guise of being “free,” are actually taking a substantial cut from your sales. These hidden fees, sometimes as high as 5% or 10%, quickly add up, leaving you paying significantly more than you would with a straightforward, transparent software. This practice is not just unfair; it’s discouraging for anyone with valuable knowledge or expertise to share, whether you’re a coach, consultant, or content creator with any size of following.

BRIEFEE changes all of that.

We’re offering a solution that puts the power back in your hands. Our platform is designed for experts like you, who want to monetize their knowledge without being bogged down by hidden fees and complex systems. With BRIEFEE, you can expect a user-friendly, efficient, and fair platform that lets you focus on what you do best – sharing your expertise and growing your business.

We prioritize transparency and simplicity. Our goal is to ensure that more of your earnings stay in your pocket, where they belong. BRIEFEE is not just about making selling online easy; it’s about making it as profitable as possible for you.

We believe that selling online should be a joyful and rewarding experience. It should be about connecting with your audience, growing your business, and enjoying the fruits of your labor.

BRIEFEE is here to bring back that joy, to make online selling what it was always meant to be – simple, fun, and profitable.
Welcome back to the fun of selling online.


Getting Started Is Easy

Keep things simple, sell your digital assets, productize your services and say goodbye
to juggling multiple expensive pieces of software!


Only 25 Available Per Month


Launch a mobile link-in-bio store, stock products, and start earning.



(Billed Monthly)

+3% Briefee transaction fee*


Monetizable Digital Products:

* 14-Day Guarantee

* Plus applicable processing fees charged by payment processors.



Create/manage link-in-bio stores, monetize, and process payments.



(Billed Monthly)

+No Briefee transaction fee*


Monetizable Digital Products: